20 Worst Movie Moments Of the Decade You Would Never Want To Watch Again

20 Worst Movie Moments Of the Decade You Would Never Want To Watch Again

The 2010 decade is almost over now, and it was quite a mixed one for cinema lovers. While we got to some of the finest movie moments (and obviously, movies) ever, the decade also saw a fair share of the horrible movies – much like the nineties.  And along with terrible movies comes dreadful movie moments – many of them – and that takes a lot of time to forget.

The 2000s were full of fire movie moments as well. From the terrible Pearl Harbour and the love triangle, to the disappointing endings of Matrix Revolutions, Signs, The Village, High Tension, and Indiana Jones 4; to the wave of terrible CGI that showed up in Die Another Day, deer attack in second installment of The Ring, terrible Catwoman’s action scenes, Transformers 2 robot ball, and probably the worst of all, the Zion rave in The Matrix Reloaded!

So, which of the horrible cinematic scenes will make it to this decade’s list of worst movie moments? Let’s find out!


Batman Vs Superman: Dawn Of Justice“Martha!”

“Martha” is probably the most infamous scene from this highly anticipated superhero flick that has been mocked so much that it would perhaps go down as the most mocked scenes of the decade, and it isn’t exactly hard to see why.

When Batman Vs Superman: Dawn of Justice trailer dropped, it was quite obvious that the two superheroes would team up to fight against Lex Luthor, but the movie could have looked for better motivation than “Martha!” Not only does the “battle of the century” ends in just over eight minutes, but the moment Batman is about to bring an end to Superman’s life, Superman just yells out “Save Martha!” Batman looks freaked out and demands why he said that particular name.

Lois Lane arrives on the scene and then clarifies that Superman’s name is Martha as well. This urges Batman to completely forget everything and why he decided to kill Superman in the first place! Seriously?

This terrible scene was probably as clunky as the sudden change of heart coming from Batman that was too quick to be taken seriously by the audiences. Also, why would Superman take his mother’s first name in order to refer to her?!

The scene was mocked (and is still mocked) and unfortunately for the Warner Bros., the scene will be mocked for the coming few decades as well!



Grown Ups – Farting Running Gag

If you’re looking to get bored from start to finish, this Adam Sandler movie should do the job for you. Not only is this movie utterly unfunny and silly, but it is also one of the most poorly written movies you would ever come across. In fact, the movie doesn’t have anything that you can call a plot, and it just moves from point to point and uses the same set of lame jokes repeatedly.

Case in point: Chris Rock’s character Kurt’s mother-in-law Ronzoni can be seen seated on a porch swing that is outside their lakeside house where the “grown ups” live, and she has nothing else to do but fart – again and again! In fact, the lady farts throughout the entire movie and that is meant to be the entire joke.

The entire movie is terrible, but these running gag liners sure do stick in the memory and are a classic example of just how unfunny and lazy these modern comedies can turn out to be. This is precisely why Grown Ups, a movie supposed to be this big hilarious comedy, ended up being a complete flop movie that was staggeringly unfunny.



Truth Or Dare – The Grinning Ghosts

If you are going to watch a horror film that is PG-13 rated, you know that you’d be in for a lot of clichés, jump scares, no gore or tension, and a bait for sequel at the very end. Truth or Dare, a movie that hit the screens last year, had all those typical elements of a horror movie, but what made it totally horrible was the main villain of the movie, as it was horrendous, to say the least.

In this flick, a bunch of luckless students end up being forced to play a Truth or Dare game in the supernatural form; whenever this game asks them a question, the entity possesses one of the people who are nearest to the next victim, and puts on this silly, Nicolas Cage grin and then asks “Truth or Dare?”

While this kind of stuff might be a great way to trigger unintentional laughter and be a good meme for sure, the movie Truth or Dare was actually meant to be a horror flick and not some silly flick where the ghosts are as scary as a couple of baby kittens you come across.

There is a revival going on in the horror genre and there are quite a lot of godawful films with terrible creative decisions being made, but this one clearly stands out thanks to how stupid and silly the main villain was.



The Hangover Part II – A Shemale Hooker

The Hangover Part II is without a doubt the worst sequel ever made! ‘Sequel’ should be used in a loose manner here, since the plot takes place in an entirely new setting, and also sucks out every bit of joy that the original one had. The cast chemistry, as well as the light hearted humor that the first installment had, was nowhere to be seen in this one.

Even as a standalone movie, it is the most horrible comedy flick of recent times, with most of the jokes coming of as seriously nasty. The lowest moment of the film came when Wolfpack while figuring out the events that transpired the previous night, visits a prostitute. He later finds out that the transgender in question is actually a transgender and has a penis. Phil finds himself disgusted while Stu is traumatized when he finds out about him and the hooker having anal sex.

Was that supposed to be a funny moment?

It was more like a shock and had a cruel and nasty vibe to it. Also, the way this flick treats the trans character as someone who should be treated in a disgusting way makes it a highly uncomfortable movie to watch.



9/11 – Elevator Freefall

We still cannot believe they did that!

The very fact that you get Charlie Sheen to act in a disaster movie based on 9/11 attacks, who has gone on and said some really crazy and controversial things about the event, is shocking enough, but the style in which this flick was made is very amateur and horrible, with soap-opera-like writing that would leave anyone shocked.

If anyone is making a movie based on a tragic event that is still very fresh and sensitive in the minds of people, the least they could do is be respectful and do justice to those who lost their lives, but this terrible flick even fails to do that. In fact, the closing title of the movie, which in fact dedicates itself to everyone who lost their lives in the terrorist attacks, feels more like an insult to them!

A scene in the movie shows a lift that has the movie’s main characters start free-falling at one point – a scene you’ll never forget even if you want to. The look and the entire setting of characters floating in thin air in the most absurd and fake ways possible will shock you to the core, and more so because the event is linked to none other than the horrific 9/11 attacks. This one clearly tops the list of most head-smacking horrendous things one can ever see.

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