Take A Look; These Celebrities Have Transformed Their Looks!

Take A Look; These Celebrities Have Transformed Their Looks!

Christina Aguilera


Christina Aguilera was already a popular pop vixen and she was loved even with her voluptuous body. She had a transformation after birth of her second child. She was a coach in The Voice, but she took a break. When she returned she has shed off 49lbs. he mainly ate fresh diet given to her by The Fresh Diet and the result was quite phenomenal. She had realized that it was her stressful schedule that had led to such unhealthy figure but now she lived a healthier and stress-free life.

Chrissy Metz – 100lbs

Chrissy Metz’s Weight Loss Journey – How She Lost 100 Pounds

Before she landed in her role in “This is Us” Chrissy Metz’s weight was already out of control. It was during the panic attack that she suffered from during her 30s that made her take the decision to work on her extra weight! Even in her contract with This is Us executives she had signed that she will lose weight as per the character in the series will. Following these two focus pints she started for activities that will help her lose weight. Metz didn’t try any weight loss procedure; she tried all the traditional ways for losing those extra pounds. With a change in her diet and different exercises she successfully lost 100lbs.

Susan Boyle – 28lbs


Susan Boyle had won the heart in Britain’s Got Talent with her astounding voice, and thus shape was not at all important for her followers. However, in 2013 she was diagnosed with Type-2 diabetes and she learned from her physicians that she was to do something about her weight. During the mid-2010s she started her weight loss journey but kept mum in the public. She changed her eating habit mainly she cut down her intake of cakes and sweets. She mainly did that to lose more than 28lbs and didn’t put much stress on exercising. On 2019 she announced about her project of her next album.

Ed Sheeran – 50lbs


Well known for his hit tunes Ed Sheeran has made public surprised with his another effort! He has made it possible to lose some extra pounds easily just by cutting off the intake of beer that he usually used to drink. Sheeran had once confided that while on tour he mainly ate pizza and drink beer and that lead to weight gain as well as it was not good for health. After he returned home in 2017 he had gain quite some amount of weight and Cherry Seaborn, a hockey player and his girlfriend stepped in. she was his personal trainer where apart from exercising regularly he stop drinking beer. The result was awesome, a weight loss of 50 lbs.

Drew Carey – 100lbs


Drew Carey was the main host of the show The Price is Right since 2007. He has faced quite some physical issues due to his excess weight and he was even diagnosed with Type-2 diabetes in the late 2000s. Even his heart condition was not good. For his health he lost about 100lbs and it was done mainly by changing his eating habits and hitting the gym at least 5 times a week. With a change in his diet by cutting down the carbs and pasta he is much healthier and fit now.

Aretha Franklin – 85lbs


Late Aretha Franklin had set an example of accomplishing everything that she tried to except losing weight. All through her career she has given her listeners songs that made them delighted but had always struggled with her extra pounds. However, during 2010s she found that she was suffering from diabetes and those extra pounds were risky for her heart. She never admitted that she had undergone any procedure but experts suggest that those 85 lbs. were shed because she had undergone knife. She passed away in 2018 due to her illness and left behind all these.

Gabourey Sidibe – 150lbs


In the last couple of years there has been a real transformation in the Precious star Gabourey Sidibe. In 2016 she was reported to undergo a bariatric surgery and after that she has lost quite some weight. She even had to modify her diet plan for this. She never shared her actual scales with anyone neither did she ever expected anyone to congratulate her on losing weight. However, she always admitted that she wanted to stay fit and thus tried her ways to lose those extra pounds that kept her obese.

Zach Galifianakis – 60lbs


It was Zach Galifianakis chubby physique that made people giggle always and for a comedian those extra pounds were blessing. However, for any person extra pounds are not good and it was true even for Zach. After he realized this he started working hard so that he can shed weight. He exercised regularly and even made some healthy changes in his diet. The main thing he did during his health regime for weight loss was cutting down on the booze intake. His new looks have indeed turned everyone startled!

Celine Dion


Celine Dion is still celebrated for her son in Titanic and now her weight loss reminds everybody of sinking Titanic! She has transformed herself so skinny that it has been a reason to worry for her fans. For many it is because she had been battling with some disease. When she appeared on the red carpet of Paris Fashion week she denied of the fact that this weight loss is due to some illness. Rather she claimed that she is feeling much better now than before. She didn’t even forget bashing those body shamers who had criticized her of this new change.

Seth Rogen – 20lbs


The extra pounds of Seth Rogen have always resulted in giggles among his spectators. He has acted successfully in many films mainly as a comedian. When he was casted in Green Hornet a movie also starring Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds he was asked to slim down. He accomplished the desired weight by following traditional ways like eating less junk food and increasing exercise. After the completion of the film he has again gained extra pounds. It seems that he is not that good in managing the shape of body for long.

Oprah Winfrey – 77lbs


It is not necessary to introduce Oprah Winfrey. She has always achieved what she has aimed for and that must be true even for losing weight. When she started her career as a TV host she was not much concern about her body shape but as she grew older she understood the importance of body fitness and health. With this realization she joined a Weight watcher program where they designed a special diet for her and by following that she lost about 77 pounds, she didn’t even knew about it! She was always enticing now she looks far more better.

John Goodman – 100lbs


John Goodman has always been popular but his spectators have never seen him so thin! When he was first seen in Roseanne, till a few days back, he has always found it tough to keep his weight under control. Things were not by his side in terms of obesity and soon he realized that now it’s time to be serious, very serious. He stopped eating unhealthy foods, cut down on carbs and the result is you can find him cutting down 100 lbs. he has a meal journal that he follows rigorously along with following an exercise regime.

Krystal Nielson – Undisclosed Weight Loss


Krystal Nielson is fitness pro and there was never a question on her being overweight! Still she participated in a wellness that was promoted by her and shed off a few pounds that made her figure linear and of course more attractive. She has been getting awesome attention after she won Bachelor in Paradise mainly when Chris Raudone has proposed her to the finals. She has a program called total body guide and in order to promote it she posted her progress on her Instagram account. The results are indeed great and her fans loved the way she had made a change in a beautiful way.

Ricky Gervais – 40lbs


People can think of a change when they are tired of something. This is even true for Ricky Gervais who was a standup comedian and being obese was not a problem for his profession. However, being tired of being overweight he decided to shed some extra pounds and started working on it. He made a nutritional diet routine, started jogging, exercising and even walking every day. When he found that he had lost 40 lbs he was overjoyed with the fact. Later on 2018 he found that he were again putting off weight and thus asked his Twitter followers to criticize him so that he could again lose weight.

Nelly Furtado – Unknown


It has been decades now when Nelly Furtado has rocked on the music charts. The problem is that with rocking the music charts she has also rocked the scales. She had ben through a time when her weight was like a roller coaster but now you can find her in her slimmer form. She loves losing weight in a natural way and thus has never gone under any procedure. She has used a program called Fab Abs and also have changed her eating habits.

Ariel Winter – 29lbs


After losing 29 lbs Ariel Winter, the Modern family television actress is showing her slimmer figure in her Instagram account. She has openly discussed about this weight loss and said that it was an unexpected reaction of the anti-depressant she was on. She made it clear that her weight increased with her previous medicine and even with many efforts she couldn’t change it. Now, the weight has gone after the change in medicine.

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